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[ profile] gingerpig here again.

Just heard from Dee. She's back at home. There's been some damage to her house, but it's not as bad as it could've been. They have a generator for light and they have water.

She's not sure when she'll be back on line, but she'll call me when she can.

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Yay for standing houses. Hope the damage isn't too bad.

*hugs chez Dee*

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YAY! *uncrossing fingers and all the other things crossed* Hope the clean up doesn't take too long.

Please pass on my best wishes.

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Thinking about her, and sending good thoughts!

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Glad for the update and I really hope the damage is nothing serious and can be quickly fixed for her. *big hugs*

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Thank you for the update. I hope the clean-up won't take too long.

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Oh, I so appreciate the update, I've been wondering about her all day.

Damage fixin and clean up don't sound like fun - but hurrah for generators and water!

Hugs you both from afar.

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VERY glad that she is well (houses can be repaired, people cannot) and thanks again for posting this.