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menomegirl ([personal profile] menomegirl) wrote2008-09-27 10:09 am

Another short, whiny update

Afraid this is just another short drive-by. I've been extremely busy this week. We finally got electricity back on Tuesday mid-morning. I have been washing clothes for days, because everything we had got wet from the rain that came into our home from the roof damage. I've also thrown approximately 1/3 of our clothing away because it was ruined. FYI: mildew smells to high heaven, we need to rip out the carpeting and gut both bedrooms and the hallway. We've moved our bedroom furniture in our living room and we're currently sleeping in there. My stupid stove isn't working so I still can't really cook and I suppose that'll have to be replaced as well. But!! We have tarps on the damaged portions of our roof and FEMA inspected it yesterday. So we can finally cut the next door neighbor's oak tree away from the roof and the side of our home. So things are looking up. I suppose.

This drive-by was brought to you by I'm frustrated and ready to chew nails.

Lilah: I just—I just want my life back. All my pretty things. I'm selfish that way.

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Yeah I live in a small town that's about 17 miles from the Gulf. We knew we'd have damage-and really, I'm grateful it wasn't worse. It makes me feel kind of petty bitching when I've seen so many homes flat-out destroyed and knowing that Galveston/Port Bolivar/High Island such suffered catastrophic losses. But there are moments when I just can't help it.

Thank you!