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My livejournal contains my slash fiction. Most of them are rated NC17 and they are adult. If they offend you, then don't read them. There's a button on your mouse that clicks off my fic the same way you clicked on it. Thank you.

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Time Is A River

Author: Menomegirl

Time is a river that flows endlessly, with no beginning and no end. It breathes and grows minute by minute, unstoppable, a small trickle that expands into a raging flood time and again and there's no halting it.

It marches on in a slow, steady rhythm, ticks away like a bomb ready to detonate and cannot be disarmed, dismantled, or swayed from it's course.

Life is a set of dominoes laid out in an intricate pattern, the first indrawn breath setting in motion a series of events that unfold and it's unstoppable as well. One action leads to another, and another.

And another, and before you know it, you're grasping, wishing for things that can never be, wanting the impossible, wishing you'd done a million things a million different ways and there's that one small word.


As her tear-stained face raises, she thinks it's the word she hates the most in this world or any other.

Character poems I wrote for the Poetry Corner at Bronze-Beta


Petals as soft as silk against his skin
Perfume so heady it smells of sin
Prickle of pain as thorns pierce flesh
He sees roses and hopes Darla is at rest


The yellow center reminds him of the sun
Watching from the shadows as they had fun
Longing for things that would never be
Wishing back then he'd be able to see
How bad things would turn out, who would be lost
Because the loss really wasn't worth what it cost
His heart might have gained a peaceful new beat
But the price lies heavy, like the daisey crushed at his feet

Baby's Breath

Tiny insignificant tufts of power
Hardly big enough to call a flower
They don't even have a scent
Yet seem to be very important
Placed within every bouquet
Against even a single rose they play
Amazing and sweet in their simple charm
For some reason they remind him of Dawn


Perfume that's airy and light
Color that's not too bright
That about sums up her head
Even after she was dead

He still admires her beautiful hair
Smiles when she calls him blondie bear
Fresh lilacs are on her desk every day
She wonders who sent them her way

He'll never tell her they come from him
She wouldn't get why he's sending them
Saying you're sorry is kind of hard to do
Since it's something that's just not you


Roses dead and violets so blue
Hers was the only love pure and true
Her heart was never lead astray
Even after she moved away
Magic and charms weren't enough to save
A beautiful heart from an early grave


He drove in Los Angeles on a fancy bike
In a pair of leather pants that were very tight
He wanted to appear rough, tough and manly
Yet every time he moved, it was very painfully
He was more grateful than words could say
When Angel finally invited him to stay
In the years that followed, he changed the most
And did what he had to, no matter who it hurt worst
When the bottom line is, you do what you can
Wesley learned and grew, became quite the man
He might have arrived in town snazzed out and fancy
But the way he went out proved his arse was not pansy


Melodious sounds falling from that perfect mouth
Angel wonders why he tries to hide he's from the South
The smell of honeysuckle clings to Lindsey like a second skin
The aroma surrounding the boy makes him want to revel in sin
Rich, deep and sultry, quite like the heady tone of his voice
The vampire hopes tomorrow the lawyer makes the right choice

Bachelor Buttons

Cute colorful flowers that make her thoughts breed
And she recalls him dressed in a suit of tweed
He smiled really pretty, and made some funny jokes
And he never once reached for his pack of smokes
She often thinks it would have been nice and handy
If the spell hadn't worn off and he'd remained Randy


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